Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Services

The technical services are to address CSR of Entrepreneurs and enabling them genuinely to participate in water resources development and management in the region.

Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Services 

Solutions for Contruction Companies

The Construction Company ....
has a diverse workforce and takes up quality of construction projects [innovative structural design] and some of them are “feather on your Cap”.
This must be most of the company’s constant efforts looking out for exceptionally talented people who enjoy working in a dynamic and fast paced environment.

In that context as well in support to value added services to clients, our endeavours in “design and planning”  to serve Construction Company..

Our endeavours could undertake solutions availing “technology cum action for structural health monitoring (SHM)that may be future / up coming demand of most of the clients for civil structures and bridges under strategic / vulnerable locations; and would not be difficult to introduce here in India or elsewhere.


Geophysics to Engineering

  • Measurement of the bedrock depth for construction, geology and geotechnical applications purpose 
  • Inspection of the foundations of structures and bridges, concrete inspection (cracking, thickness, cavities, reinforcement rebar)
  • Ground surveys in areas intended for construction and road development 
  • Locating and mapping voids and caves 
  • Locating metal objects, pipes and buried utilities 
  • Mapping of shallow subsurface geological structures and hard rock [construction stone / sand / gravel etc.]
  • Road inspection (cracking, thickness, cavities etc.)
  •  Rock quality designation (RQD)
  •  Assessment of the rock's level of erosion and compaction
  •   Determination of materials' rippability – for the purpose of digging, excavation, quarrying
  •  Mapping of fracture and fissure areas
The Geophysical methods open a unique window into the depths of the Earth and offer diverse sophisticated tools utilized for imaging the subsurface (and other surfaces) by mapping physical properties. The relevancy of geophysics to engineering and to the environment is evidenced in the valuable information it provides and in economic benefits for the client. 

To maintain the Quality of Services and updates that are required for construction need tools & technology, a periodic reviews and discussions on “services tailored to their needs” by panel of experts. 

Panel of Experts will also keep tack of the services provided as challenge to solutions, since; every intervention of service is itself of R&D in nature, which is why the review by panel of experts would qualify it. And the review itself would suffice the demand if any for additional R&D for the services.


A technology service centre with latest equipments, software, scientific and technical tools and data processing / analysis facilities, GIS and remote sensing application analysis and mapping by qualified, experienced professionals, technocrats and skilled hands.
We Conduct

(1) systematic assessment of water resources & environment

(2) monitoring & surveillance of water resources & environment

(3) Redemption for sustainable development of water and land resources
We are open to YOUR valuable suggestions and approaches, if any.

Please feel free to contact
Why are we there?

(a) NOW PEOPLE wants genuinely to participate in water resources management.

b) Small & Big Businesses need technology and services tailored to their needs.

c) Most of OUR entrepreneurs are unaware that if they join hands in hub/ cluster, it could be possible to manage the water resources and to great extent would be able to meet their own water requirements.
Do you know ?

The services will bring in the benefit to the communities living in surrounding areas, availability of clean water, quicker recharge of ground water, tackling the water scarcity problem and most importantly reducing pollution levels.

And to reach the un-reached places through transfer of technology interventions where such services would arrest further deterioration of water resources and environmental pollution and able to provide eco-friendly solutions to people to help themselves for quality of life with sustainable management of natural resources.

The services will create deep-root impact on rural hubs where people prefer to go for traditional entrepreneurship of livelihoods, which is a challenge for reaching it to the communities for giving them better support system.

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