Geotechnical & Environmental Consulting Services

The technical services are to address CSR of Entrepreneurs and enabling them genuinely to participate in water resources development and management in the region.

Panel of Experts...

The services are designed and developed at technology service centre in consultations with panel of experts[1]drawn from various reputed institutions, research & development, agencies and professional groups, equipment & tool manufactures, software developers and allied services centres etc.

To maintain the quality of services and updates that are required for small & big businesses need technology, a periodic reviews and discussions on “services tailored to their needs” by panel of experts. 

The role and functions of panel of experts is strengthened & fine tuned in convening consultations and review meetings.

The steps to be followed to work out the set of services that are required for “eco-friendly geotechnical & environmental solutions” for sustainable water resources solutions for industrial & agriculture farm sites / project areas:

  •      Discussion with Client to seek first hand information on how to go about the viable solutions in the project area, make a note of requirements, the innovative ideas & suggestions etc., if any.
  •            Constitute a Consulting Group that include designated client’s company person / staff member(s) to join the feasibility studies & solutions so as to arrive at certain decisions for design layouts to be taken at site on:
§   Selection of Area / site / cluster / neighbourhood area.
§   Draw a tentative phase plan and seek more details on site for the system layout and submitted for actions and installation etc.
§   Carryout requisite investigations /collection of samples and data for

-      Systematic assessment of water resources & environment

-       Monitoring & surveillance of water resources & environment
-        Redemption for sustainable development of water and land resources
Tentatively, this is how set of services will be initiated while being open to client’s suggestions, if any; and advice / provides eco-friendly solution(s) on remedial measures to replenish the water resources.

Team Profile....

Principal & Senior Water Resources Specialists and Groundwater and Water Resources (Hydro-geology),  Prof. & Senior Scientist 
From: Agricultural Chemistry, National Research Centre for Grapes, Pune / Beijing Forestry University / Geotechnical Consulting Services, Gaborone, Botswana / IARI, Pusa / IIT Bombay / IIT Delhi / IIT Kharagpur  / Inspection Services California Department of Food and Agriculture / Soilsearch Equipment (P) Ltd., Kolkata / Water Technology Centre, Bhubaneshwar / Syngenta, USA / Burnside Consulting Bangalore / Auro Electronics (India) Pvt. Ltd., Ambala / WRD Consultant, New Delhi

-         Groundwater systems planning and management involving flow modelling, solute transport modelling, inverse modelling
-          Planning and monitoring along with special emphasis on training and technology transfer to the technical personnel
-         Water Resources Development, Regeneration, Feasibility Studies, Evaluation & Monitoring
-         Site Investigation including hydro-geological studies for Environmental Management of Water and Land Resources
-         Systematic land & water resources survey using advanced information technologies / GIS and remote sensing
-         Sub-surface studies of landfills that influence the groundwater quality, extension of pollutants and leakage around hazardous waste sites or factories
-          Rainwater Harvesting - Design Layout /Fusibilities / Checking Effectiveness / Zero – Overflow system
-         Consultancy & Research Projects on Water Resources, Assessment, Development and Management at National / International Level
-          Environmental and water resources Audit etc.


[1] Panel of Experts will also keep tack of the services provided as challenge to solutions, since; every intervention of service is itself of R&D in nature, which is why the review by panel of experts would qualify it. And the review itself would suffice the demand if any for additional R&D for the services.





A technology service centre with latest equipments, software, scientific and technical tools and data processing / analysis facilities, GIS and remote sensing application analysis and mapping by qualified, experienced professionals, technocrats and skilled hands.
We Conduct

(1) systematic assessment of water resources & environment

(2) monitoring & surveillance of water resources & environment

(3) Redemption for sustainable development of water and land resources
We are open to YOUR valuable suggestions and approaches, if any.

Please feel free to contact
Why are we there?

(a) NOW PEOPLE wants genuinely to participate in water resources management.

b) Small & Big Businesses need technology and services tailored to their needs.

c) Most of OUR entrepreneurs are unaware that if they join hands in hub/ cluster, it could be possible to manage the water resources and to great extent would be able to meet their own water requirements.
Do you know ?

The services will bring in the benefit to the communities living in surrounding areas, availability of clean water, quicker recharge of ground water, tackling the water scarcity problem and most importantly reducing pollution levels.

And to reach the un-reached places through transfer of technology interventions where such services would arrest further deterioration of water resources and environmental pollution and able to provide eco-friendly solutions to people to help themselves for quality of life with sustainable management of natural resources.

The services will create deep-root impact on rural hubs where people prefer to go for traditional entrepreneurship of livelihoods, which is a challenge for reaching it to the communities for giving them better support system.

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